We are a small skydiving club located at Bergen Airport, Flesland. We have more than 40 years of experience. We have our own plane, a Cessna 182 called Malvin

We jump every weekend if the weather allows it, saturday from 9AM and sunday from 12AM. 

In the summer Skydive Voss is active and the major part of jumping is done there.


Nina Krogstad      


Tandem - 3990NOK

Stills - add 350NOK 


Slot 10.000 ft - 225 NOK

Slot 5.000 ft - 175 NOK

Gear hire - add 100 NOK


All heights - 280 NOK (gear hire included)

Static Line Course (Skydiving license) - 7950NOK

Students  - 5000 NOK